June 13, 2021

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful. Episode 87

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Never Knew She's Beautiful. Episode 86

Never Knew She’s Beautiful.

Episode 87

^ Rachael ^

Does that implies that he has recovered from his drunken state? No, he must not find out.

I entered the car quickly and tried to start the car but it couldn’t. I tried again but the car never started.

“It won’t. ” the boss voice came sullenly. I peeped through the window of the glass. “It won’t start. I’ve got the remote of the car with me.”

Sweat began to form rapidly from my body. Has he recovered from his drunken state already ?

I walked out and moved close to him.

“So you know me?” I asked and he smiled like a serious somebody.

Oh! Seems he has recovered.

“See, I only tired to help you here cause you were so drunk.” I said trying so hard to defend myself.

He smirked again and my heart skipped.

“I know you , you are my grandfather.” His voice was stern and sullen.

I exhaled heavily, I thought he was no longer drunk.

I watched the remote in his hand closely and snatched it from him. I ran inside the car and pressed ‘start’ in the remote and it started.

I reversed back and drove off ,I drove faster like he was actually behind me.

I finally arrived home and step down anxiously. I ran inside the house and fell to my bed.

That was close. If he had find out, I do not know how I would have defended myself.

It’s just so complicated. How will I tell him that the beautiful me that he had thought was his girlfriend is me.

About an hour later, I was eating when the door opened. On peeking to the direction of the door , it turns out to be my sister.

She walked to me with a smile. Her countenance was a happy one.

“Welcome sister.”

She smiled and sat. She yawned and let her head fall to the head of the chair.

“I had the greatest fun of my life today?”

“Really? Gist me.”

“We talked, danced and you know? ” she winked.

“Know what? Are you saying you made Love?”

“Something of such.” She stood and walked inside. It’s obvious she’s so sleepy.

Made love! Did he really made love with my sister?

My sister is still a flower just like I and would never stoop so low to allow any man make love with her just for the sake of it.

No, something must be wrong somewhere.

Never Knew She's Beautiful. Episode 86

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  1. please when are u posting the remaining episodes please this story is so interesting i remembered m not through with this story only for me to come back and read and couldn’t see any update

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