June 17, 2021

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Nicole. Episode 41 And 42

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Megan’s POV
Damn it! I now understand why mum always calls me dumb.
How could I be so stupid and follow Ian’s plan.
I’m doomed and am sure mum is going to jail.
My career is over, what am I supposed to do now?
I can’t watch everything I have worked for fall apart.
I have to do something, I now regret leaving my gun behind. I looked around the room and spotted the knife Ian has.
They were busy cuddling each other and didn’t realize I had a weapon.
I aimed my knife at Nicole and threw it.
I closed my eyes and opened when I heard someone groaning.
That voice wasn’t Nicole’s.
The knife was in Ian’s stomach and blood was oozing out.
I tried to talk but I couldn’t comprehend a single sentence.
My brain was blank.
Nicole’s POV
I never thought she could attempt murder on me.
Ian was groaning in pain and the noise attracted Laureen and Leonel.
‘What happened here?’ Laureen asked.
I didn’t even know what has happened, all I knew was Liam pulling me down and we both fell on the floor.
I hadn’t seen the knife and maybe they could be planning my burial.
Leonel ran back to the room and came back with a first aid kit.
After what seemed like forever the blood stopped.
I sighed with relief as the men carried him to bed.
Megan was watching everything without talking.
It seemed like her tongue had been tied.
Liam tied her on the chair to avoid further damage and called the cops.

Ian’s POV
I opened my eyes and found myself lying on bed.
I remembered Megan stubbed me with a knife.
That girl is something else, I know I can cause pain in someone but can never think of murder.
I still feel pain in my stomach but thank goodness am alive.
There was no-one in the room and the bed was somehow comfy.
Leonel and Laureen came in.
This two seem like dating. Her head rested on his shoulder and his hand around her waist.
Maybe he told her about our plan, that’s the reason it didn’t work.
‘Thank God he’s awake, I feel sleepy and tired,’ Laureen said.
‘Get rest we will talk,’ Leonel said to me.
‘Thank you for saving my life,’ I said to no one specific.
‘It’s nothing we save lives,’ Leonel said and they walked out.
I sighed and picked my phone that was on the table beside the bed.
I checked the time and it was fifteen minutes to five in the morning.
Gosh, I spent the whole night here.
I have meetings today and I can’t go in this condition.
It will raise suspicions and am not ready to answer any questions.
Nicole’s POV
I feel tired and sleepy and my mind isn’t helping the situation either.
I need to sleep, it’s morning already.
I already called my manager and he understood so I have a whole day to sleep.
I was awake waiting to hear if Ian is a wake before I sleep.
Liam slept long ago, he looks cute while sleeping and I was admiring his handsome face.
There was a knock on the door and I opened to meet Lauren.
‘He’s awake,’ she said yawning and I laughed at her face expression.
‘Let me guess we will meet tomorrow,’ I said.
‘It will be so early,’
‘We have alot to talk about,’
‘I know but not now, my brain has stopped. Goodnight,’ she said and walked away.

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