June 17, 2021

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Nicole. Episode 43 And 44

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Nicole. Episode 41 And 42

Megan’s POV
One week later
I looked around the room and spotted my mum. I was taken next to and she also had chained.
My mind wasn’t even there.
My lawyer and Nicole’s lawyer were busy arguing.
I didn’t even have words to defend myself so I just kept quite.
I looked at mum and in her face was pain, frustration and there was a drop of tear on her eyes.
I felt pity for her, all I could do was to bring pain to her.
I couldn’t even keep a single secret.
Nicole’s POV
I was strong on the outside but inside am broken. I sat between my aunt and Liam in the court room.
My dad didn’t showed up.
I just wanted to see him, but he never came.
Maybe he hates me that much, because I surrendered his darling wife to the cops.
But am his daughter?
I rested my head on Liam’s shoulder all through.
I hope I don’t breakdown in here because there is a press out there.
‘Miss Megan tred you have been found guilty of attempt murder and you are charged to a twelve years imprisonment,’ the judges words snapped me from my thoughts.
‘Mrs Sharon tred you have been found guilty of murder and charged a life imprisonment,’ he said and hit the table.
‘The court has been dismissed,’ he said and everyone started walking out.
We stood and started walking out, the journalists we throwing all kinds of questions.
The guards were doing a good job in clearing the way us.
My aunt used the first car and they drove off.
Laureen and Leonel used the next one.
I had this feeling that I need to see someone here, I stopped Liam from walking fast for us to us the last car.
I walked towards the car and stopped when I heard someone calling my name.
We both looked behind and I got the greatest shock of my life.
I stumbled back but Liam was quick to get hold of me.

Episode 44
Nicole’s POV
I stared at my dad and felt a sharp pain in my head.
There were blurt images in my mind and faint cries for help.
I touched my head as the pain became intense.
‘Baby!’ Liam’s words rang through my ears as everything went blank.
Liam’s POV
I carried her inside the car as the man who called her walked closer.
They somehow look alike and I guess he is her dad.
‘Let’s take her to the hospital, I need to talk to her,’ he said pleadingly.
I sat at the back with her and her supposed dad sat at the front sit.
The driver drove out to the hospital.
Nicole’s POV
I opened my eyes and I laid at a hospital bed.
I hate injections, I just hope the doctor didn’t use on me.
I looked around and everyone was in the room including my dad.
I look at him and the images in my mind became clear.
I saw my mum, we were at a hotel room. I saw Megan’s mum standing there with a gun.
They were arguing and and she shot my mom.
I tried to scream but she injected me on the neck.
That was what transpired before mum died.
‘I’m sorry for leaving you,’ he said and I just nodded.
‘Thank you all for your support,’ I said to them.
Liam went to do the paper work for my discharge.
We walked out slowly as we led the way for others.
A lady bumped into us and Liam looked tense.
They stared at each other for a while and the woman broke the silence.
‘I’m sorry miss I never intended to numb into you, I was just in a hurry,’ she said calmly.
‘It’s okay,’ I said and we started walking away.
‘That was my mom,’ Liam whispered to me when we got to the car.
‘Yeah, let her be. She abandoned us,’ he said.
‘I think she remembered you,’
‘I don’t care,’ he said and entered the car leaving me outside.
I wonder why he doesn’t want anything to do with her.

Nicole. Episode 41 And 42

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