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5Linx News – Why Do People Fail In 5Linx?

If 5Linx was a scam do you think that it would be listed on the Inc 500 list for four years in a row? (2006-2009) I don’t think that if 5Linx was a scam that Success from Home magazine or Your Business magazine would dedicate the entire issue to the 5Linx opportunity.

Is it a legitimate argument to say that 5Linx is a pyramid because the people at the top make the most money? What about Corporate America…don’t the CEO and Vice Presidents make more money than middle management and entry level employees? If you can show me a business where the people at the top are compensated less than the people at the bottom, then I will eat every word.So why is network marketing being singled out? If the same organizational structure is used in all business then why does 5Linx get labeled a scam?

Who would make such a claim? I’ll tell you who…someone who claims to be a victim; someone who never started 5Linx or is trying to justify why they quit. People fail at trying anything, not just network marketing.

Everyone doesn’t make it to the NBA. Every fashion designer doesn’t make it out of their boutique. There are some Realtors who never manage to sell a property. Most people that want to get into shape fail. So you wanted the truth? Yes people fail at 5Linx, but the same is true when people try many other things in life.

What you need to ask yourself is ‘what did they do to fail?’ Did they get the proper training? Were they using the best approaches? Did they use a different technique when they weren’t getting results from the ones they were using? Did prospects get turned off by them because they were too pushy or pitchy? Were they perceived as a leader or a needy, desperate person? These are things you need to consider when you make a decision to join based off the advice of someone.

Network marketing is a performance-based industry. So if you don’t do anything you won’t make any money. If you do a little you will earn a little. If you do a lot, you will earn a lot. The ones who say 5Linx is a scam, simply put, are the ones who quit. These people are super critical and look to find fault anywhere, because they feel inadequate because they couldn’t make it work. They quit before they made any real money, so it will always be a mystery to them how to become financially free. The worst enemy of the person who tried and failed is someone who has succeeded. They are resentful and don’t want you to succeed where they failed.

They may claim that they are trying to protect you by giving you this information, but what they are really trying to do is protect themselves from a sense of failure by preventing you from trying and succeeding.

Another type of person that says 5Linx is a scam is the person who has never done network marketing. The point of view from someone who hasn’t personally experienced is just giving you their opinion from the outside looking in. Therefore they can write or speak about it, but cannot succeed at it. In my book that is not sound advice, because it’s just hearsay from someone who’s never done it.

The last type of person who writes and talks about 5Linx is the person who has succeeded. They are a valuable asset to you and their advice should be listened to. There is a big difference between someone who has been successful at a subject and someone who has been educated on a subject. The person who has succeeded knows what is important and what is not. They can also answer any questions that the person who hasn’t done it or failed can’t answer.

Don’t be one of the many people who lose out on millions of dollars, because that is ultimately what you will lose by not joining the community of people who know there is a better way. You won’t save yourself a couple hundred or thousands of dollars; you will just lose the opportunity to become financially free.

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