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Melanoma – A Syndrome With Severe Affects

The medical experts who deal with lung cancer and Pancreas cancer have been working as a team to bring a common understanding in curing such types of cancers. There are different tumors which are also a part of their active research but they are still striving hard because there is a long way to go. Actually the major reason of these developing diseases is the unhealthy life style of people.

People today are addicted to unhealthy diet, smoking, drugs; alcohol and even improper cleaning have brought them in a state where they are under constant threat of hazardous diseases. Among those diseases, there is a very populated disease called as Melanoma. In this disease, a tumor develops in the tissues of skin. It is a very dangerous disease which causes swelling of the section where it appears.

Let us discuss how this disease spreads and what the possible measures to control it are:

Melanoma Defined:

It is a very hazardous skin disease which can take a person’s life if the treatment is not effective. There is a dark coating which comes across the area where the tumor begins.

Melanoma is a skin tumor which arises from melanocyte cells. When the cells start to develop, they give birth to a dark pigment called melanin. The dark shade on the skin comes from melanin. Here is when the skin starts to decay and in severe conditions can reciprocate the skin’s normal condition. That is why experts call it a pure skin disease which damages the cells of the skin and in worst conditions it can even penetrate into the flesh of the body.

Types of Melanoma:

The melanoma is classified into four major types, which are as follows:

Spreading melanoma: It is a black and brown shaded melanoma which is more common in Caucasians. This can appear in any age and the appearance of this mole is plain and flattered.

Protruding melanoma: It is a stick out melanoma which is sometimes found with bluish and sometimes with reddish blue color on the body. In rare cases it has no color.

Malevolent melanoma:

This is a skin coating of brown which is damaged by sun rays. It is found in the young people with fair and soft skin. The shape of the disease is irregular and sometimes it has a flat appearance.

Acral melanoma:

It is found in different peripheral body parts like fingers and toes. The dark shade with a greenish black coat appears inside the nail. This type is found in most of African-Americans.


The damaged cells which are grown by the disease can be removed through the surgery. It depends about the sternness of the disease that how much the cells have damaged the skin and the portion inside. If the lymph nodes are also disturbed, the treatment becomes a bit more difficult because the melanoma is impossible to control.

If the disease has damaged the lymph nodes, than there is no other cure than removing the lymph nodes.

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